Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: Five Tips That Will Keep Your Kids Safe

If you are a parent with young children, a lot of your time is spent making sure that they aren’t getting into trouble. Your days are spent trying to get your kids to stay out of harm’s way. However, that isn’t always easy, especially when they are toddlers.
Keeping your children reigned in, especially where there are cars present, is crucial to their safety. As of 2015, one out of every five children that were killed in traffic accidents were pedestrians. As a parent, it’s important to take the proper precautions to avoid an accident. In today’s blog post, Tolbert Beadle’s pedestrian accident lawyer will give you five tips that will help keep your kids safe.

1. Teach Early and Often

The reality of parenting is that you aren’t going to be able to follow your kids around 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is especially true when you have more than one child and when you have a job on top of parenting responsibilities. That’s why it’s important to begin teaching your kids about safety early on and as often as possible.
Teach them the rules for crossing the street, playing outside, and walking around the neighborhood. This will help save you from visiting the office of your pedestrian accident lawyer.

2. Position Yourself For Success

You might not always be at your child’s side, but when you are, take advantage. If you are walking down the street or on a sidewalk, position yourself between your child and the road. When parking, keep the child lock on so that you, rather than your child, must open the car door. These are little things that can go a long way in preventing a trip to your pedestrian accident lawyer’s office.

3. Build A Fence

While many people think of pedestrian injuries happening in parking lots or on crowded streets, many injuries involving children happen in neighborhoods. A good way to prevent the possibility of this happening is to build a fence and establish with your kids that they aren’t allowed to play outside of the fence without an adult.

4. Keep Your Kids Close

Many children get lost or into an accident because they slip away from their parents. That’s why it is best when at all possible, to maintain physical contact with your children in high traffic areas. Holding hands is a great way to caravan multiple children inside. You can also buy backpacks that come with a type of leash to keep kids from running off and sending you to the pedestrian accident lawyer.

5. Stay Attentive

For parents, staying focused can be a grind. With kids running around all day, every day, it’s easy to lose your focus and unfortunately, that’s when many accidents happen. So, keep your eyes open. Be hypervigilant, especially when you are in high-traffic areas.

Let Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Help

Even if you utilize all of these strategies, an accident is still possible. And it might not even be you or your child’s fault. If you or your child is injured as a pedestrian, contact our pedestrian accident lawyers today for a consultation. You can reach us at 1 (800) 887-4030 or contact us online for more information.