Personal Injury Lawyer Advice on Common Thanksgiving Injuries

Tolbert Beadle, LLC is dedicated to fighting for you, no matter what your case may be. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of different claims that have resulted from different accidents and incidents. Because of this experience and knowledge, our personal injury lawyers are also well-placed to give you some advice when it comes to avoiding injury in everyday situations.

With Thanksgiving being one of the biggest holidays of the year, it is important that you take some unique safety considerations in mind. In this blog, our personal injury lawyers look at some common Thanksgiving injuries and how to avoid them.

Drink Responsibly

Any good personal injury lawyer will tell you that overdoing it with alcohol is one of the biggest factors in self-inflicted accidental injuries.

Alcohol inhibits your senses and slows you down, and if you’re cooking and drinking at the same time, not to mention playing party games or backyard sports after more than a few, you’re likely to regret it. As with any holiday event that involves alcohol, make sure you take things slowly and drink responsibly, especially if you’re hosting Thanksgiving.

Cook Carefully

Speaking of cooking, a lot of people take for granted just how much work it is to prepare Thanksgiving food. This is one of the reasons why cooking-related injuries like burns or cuts are much more common around the holidays. For cooking for or during an event for a large number of people, it’s important to properly plan things out in advance.

Know what you’ll be making, what you’ll need to make it, and when you need to be finished by. This way, you’re able to be more careful and measured. You should also be sure to ask for some help so that you’re not overloaded.

A single person trying to do everything at once is more likely to drop or burn things — or burn themselves. Just make sure to get a balance so that you do not have too many people interfering.

The Real Risk of Carving Knives

Carving the turkey is a tradition all its own for a lot of families. But it is vital to remember that carving knives — whether traditional manual carving knives or electric carving knives — can be seriously dangerous. Deep cuts are another common injury over the

Thanksgiving weekend, chiefly from hasty carving with an extremely sharp implement.

A busy dinner table, combined with alcohol and other distractions, heightens the chances of accidentally cutting yourself, so being mindful of what you are doing when serving is extremely important.

Dealing with Burns

With all of the hot food being made, served and eaten, severe burns are another common injury sustained during the holidays. When handling a lot of hot food, make sure you use oven gloves, and have spare dish towels ready in the kitchen. You should also make sure you warn your family or guests when something is hot enough to hurt, or else you will be the one responsible for potential injuries.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Much of what is outlined in this blog is avoidable by being careful, but there are plenty of situations in which you could be injured and it is not your fault. If you have been injured in a way that you feel you deserve compensation for, contact a personal injury lawyer at Tolbert Beadle, LLC today.