Personal Injury Lawyer Advice: What if You Signed a Waiver?

A Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Waivers

When you sign a waiver for an activity such as bungee jumping, skiing, etc. you may think that you’re being prevented from seeking compensation if you’re injured. While these waivers are designed to protect the company, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build a case if you’re injured. Waivers aren’t always all-encompassing, so consult with a personal injury lawyer before giving up on getting compensation.

Situations Where A Waiver Won’t be Upheld

Waivers will almost always have certain exceptions. If a company is negligent, their waiver won’t protect them. There are certain expectations that a company must meet when it comes to safety standards and their duty to make sure everything works properly. For instance, if the company doesn’t check their equipment to ensure there aren’t any flaws, they could be seen as negligent. A waiver does not excuse a business from upholding a reasonable standard of safety.

You also should look at the language of the waiver to determine if you’re eligible for compensation. Sometimes, a waiver will be worded in a way that is unclear. If the waiver isn’t explicit in situations where it won’t be held liable, it can be determined that the waiver is too ambiguous to enforce. It’s also important for the waiver to be readable. If they put important details in fine print or a section of the waiver that’s hard to find, the court may determine those particular details to be unenforceable.

As always, having a personal injury lawyer take a look at the waiver can help you determine if compensation is worth pursuing. Keep in mind that companies who have waivers have probably thoroughly constructed their waivers and most even enlist the help of attorneys to make sure the wording is correct. This means that it can be very complicated to win a case where a waiver is involved. A personal injury lawyer is your best chance at getting compensated for your injury.

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