Personal Injury Lawyer Basics: Product Liability and Consumer Rights Claims

Hire a personal injury lawyer and make guilty companies pay.

When we visit a sporting goods store, home improvement warehouse, or pharmacy, we generally expect that the products we purchase will be safe and effective. Most of the time, that expectation is met. However, faulty manufacturing, flawed product design, and inadequate warning labels can result in injury, disability and even death among consumers. These situations call for the experience and determination of a personal injury lawyer to stand up for your rights as a consumer.
Injuries stemming from the use of a defective product span a very wide range. For instance, the presence of a dangerous chemical in a cosmetic item could cause burns. Eating produce contaminated by a dangerous pesticide could result in illness. On the other hand, if a certain model of car comes with defectively designed seatbelts, the results can be catastrophic and require a wrongful death attorney instead. In any case, the manufacturer and/or retailer must be held accountable, which is where your personal injury lawyer comes in.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for These Three Kinds of Liability Claims

Product liability claims generally fall into three categories. Sometimes negligence can take place in the factory or processing plant, causing an isolated defect in the product. Think of an over-the-counter pain reliever that somehow becomes contaminated by a poisonous agent. This can clearly result in serious illness or death. This is an obvious cause for a product liability claim, as your personal injury lawyer will recognize.
The second type of product liability claim involves a flaw in the overall design of a product. This, of course, spells trouble on a massive scale because every item that leaves the factory is dangerously compromised. For instance, a flaw in the design of a specific model’s wiring could mean that every vehicle that rolls off the production line is a fire hazard. Every personal injury lawyer is familiar with cases like these.
The third classification of product liability claims occurs when a manufacturer fails to include proper warnings or instructions with a potentially hazardous product. For example, if a pharmaceutical manufacturer is aware of a potentially dangerous interaction between its product and another generally safe medication, then a warning label must be included explicitly stating this to the consumer. Additionally, any product that carries some inherent danger must come with an instruction manual. Whether you’re a novice or a master craftsman, your new table saw is going to be accompanied by a user manual explaining how to use it safely. If not, then you might end up in the market for a personal injury attorney.
Regardless of which category your product liability claim falls into, you must be able to prove your injury was a direct result of the manufacturer’s or retailer’s negligence. Businesses in the world of consumer products are heavily insured against this type of risk, and insurance companies will stop at nothing to avoid paying out. That’s why it’s crucial to leverage the expertise of a personal injury lawyer from the law firm of Tolbert Beadle.
The negligence of a manufacturer or retailer can cost you your time, your health, even your livelihood. Let your personal injury lawyer hold them accountable and fight for the settlement you deserve. The consultation is free, and our personal injury lawyers don’t get paid until you win.