Personal Injury Lawyer: Common Ice Injuries

Winter has arrived and with it comes snowy and icy conditions, making auto travel or even walking hazardous and potentially deadly. Whereas walking in snow is cumbersome but safer, traversing ice on foot can be very dangerous. This winter, you may be wondering, what are some of the more common injuries related to ice? Our personal injury lawyers are here to answer your questions.

Recreational Ice-Related Injuries

We all want to find ways to have fun in the winter, but unfortunately, winter conditions can oftentimes result in injury. Ice skating mishaps lead to accidental falls, which can cause anything from a broken bone to a concussion or spinal injury.

Skiing, too, can result in injuries ranging from a broken bone to a fatal head or neck injury if caution is not taken while engaging in this exciting outdoor sport. Another winter sport that one does not think of causing injury is ice fishing.

Ice fishing, if proper care is not taken including being sure the ice is a proper depth, can result in the fisherman falling through the ice into the water or even being burned by hut heaters that are not properly tended.

If you have experienced an ice-related injury, contact a personal injury lawyer today to see if you can get compensated.But what about non-recreational injuries, the type of injuries sustained while going about one’s daily life?

Non-recreational Ice Related Injuries

Probably the most common wintertime ice injury is falling. Falling on the ice is not only scary, it can cause severe injury ranging from pulled muscles and a hurt back, limb or joint, to broken bones and even death (if the injury is to the neck or spine). Falling and hitting one’s head on the ice can result in a trip to the

Emergency Room resulting in stitches and a concussion – all things to be taken seriously. Preventing winter ice-related injuries can be as simple as walking in the snow, not on an icy slippery surface. Avoid steps and sidewalks that have not been shoveled and salted and those areas that are poorly lit. And black ice, that thin, nearly invisible layer of ice?

If you think that black ice is ahead of you, whether on foot or in your vehicle, avoid it. Change your walking or driving route. A few more minutes may save you months of recovery and aggravation.

Always be sure to wear boots with chunky, grooved soles, not smooth leather or plastic soles. Leather and plastic soles will merely cause you to slip and fall.

If You Have Sustained an Ice Injury, Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Unfortunately, even the most cautious person may still slip and fall on the ice. If this happens in a public place, the business owner is responsible for maintaining their property during winter conditions.

Should this happen, contact a reputable personal injury lawyer such as Tolbert Beadle LLC. Tolbert Beadle LLC personal injury lawyers have years of experience fighting for your rights. When you need a personal injury lawyer, call Tolbert Beadle LLC at 1-800-887-4030.