Personal Injury Lawyer: Injury at a Christmas Tree Farm

Shopping for your Christmas tree shouldn’t be a time to be thinking about the need for a personal injury lawyer and the potential harm you, or members of your family, could experience. Sadly, if you’ve decided on an authentic Christmas tree for your holiday season this year, the risk of personal injury when picking out the perfect one at a tree farm is certainly there.

Poorly maintained tree farms are unfortunately common and can present an injury risk to you or your family. Not to mention some of the risk involved in transporting the tree home yourself. In this blog entry, a personal injury lawyer from Tolbert Beadle, LLC gives some advice on avoiding injury at a Christmas tree farm, and how a personal injury lawyer can help if it happens.

Shop Responsibly

To a certain extent, the responsibility is on you to keep yourself and your family safe when shopping for the perfect Christmas tree. A good Christmas tree farm will have staff who are mindful of safety, but there are things you can do to help. If you are taking young children Christmas tree shopping with you, make sure that they know the risks too.

Getting over-excited, running or playing surrounded by heavy pine trees and forestry equipment is a recipe for disaster. Also, if you live somewhere with cold weather, make sure you and anyone with you are dressed in warm clothes.

Plan Your Transport in Advance

If you are taking your Christmas tree home yourself, make sure to plan your transportation in advance. If you expect to get something bigger, you will need something bigger to get it home in. Trying to fit a larger tree to a smaller vehicle presents a lot of risks when you get back on the road, and it’s better to size things appropriately beforehand.

Get the Right Sized Tree for Your Home

You might even need to think about getting a smaller tree to make things simpler and safer. Many people are determined to get the biggest they can find when shopping for a real tree, and end up not having enough room in their vehicle, let alone their home.

Focus less on the size of the tree and more on the overall appearance and avoid the risk of overloading. This also reduces the risk of injury when it comes to getting the tree into your home.

What Happens If There Is An Accident?

If you do suffer an injury when shopping for a real Christmas tree, you need to determine who was at fault. Was the tree farm not designed with safety in mind? Was it poorly lit? Were there no workers in attendance? When the accident happened, how did the staff react? These are all factors that will be important if you contact a personal injury lawyer about your case.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in any retail environment, contact a personal injury lawyer at our law firm today. Our legal team has helped countless clients win compensation for personal injuries that were not their fault, and are ready to take your case. At Tolbert Beadle, LLC, we’ll fight to make sure you’re awarded what you deserve.