Personal Injury Lawyer: Who is Responsible for Injuries at the Airport?

You are so excited to go on vacation and you are hurrying through the airport, when suddenly, you are on the ground, with a sore knee, because you tripped on a wrinkle in the carpet that you didn’t see. Who’s fault is that? Today in the Tolbert Beadle, LLC blog, a personal injury lawyer explains fault when you get injured at the airport.

Injuries at the Airport

Being injured while in an airport is not something that most people think about or experience, but it does happen. People have been seriously injured and disabled because of poor maintenance or other issues while in an airport terminal or on their property. When something like this happens, who is responsible?  And how do you find out who is responsible?

Airport Terminal vs. Airline Responsibility

Airports are public places, generally managed by some sort of airport authority who is responsible for the maintenance and management of the terminal(s) for any airport. However, there are also places inside of airports that are the domain of individual airlines. It is important to learn who has domain over the place where you were injured and if there is a time limit on filing a claim with that entity. For instance, if you trip going down the aisle of an airplane, the airline involved is responsible. However, if the people carrier in the terminal suddenly stops and throws you violently to the ground, resulting in cuts and bruises, that is the domain of the airport terminal authority.

Being Injured in an Airport

If you are injured in an airport, it is essential that you find a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to handle your case. In many places, the airport is managed by a municipal or government authority and the time limitations to sue the authority are brief. Therefore, it is in the injured passenger’s best interest to find an experienced law firm to handle their case. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you sort out who to hold responsible for your injuries and how to proceed.

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