Prevent Summer Boating Accidents With This Advice From a Personal Injury Lawyer

Summer is here! Stay safe on the water with advice from a personal injury lawyer.

Nothing says summer like a weekend trip to your favorite lake. Swimming, tubing, water skiing – they’re all excellent ways to escape the oppressive summer heat. Of course, responsible boating is one of the keys to keeping everyone safe on the water. Follow these simple tips from the personal injury lawyers at Tolbert Beadle for a fun, accident-free season at the lake.

A Boat Maintenance Checklist, Courtesy of a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are a few precautions you should take before you even leave the dock. The personal injury lawyers at Tolbert Beadle recommend you perform a thorough inspection of your boat from bow to stern to ensure its structural integrity. Be sure to seal any leaks, and if you’re operating a sailboat, take time to check its mast, stays or other riggings.
Everyone aboard the watercraft should have a life jacket. This is one of the single easiest measures you can take to guarantee the safety of your passengers. A personal injury lawyer would also recommend your boat also be equipped with a fire extinguisher, distress signals, and navigation lights.
Don’t weigh down your vessel with unnecessary gear and provisions. A personal injury lawyer from Tolbert Beadle would remind you to check the loading limits set by the boat manufacturer and obey them.

Water Safety Tips

Sometimes, evasive maneuvers are necessary to avoid an accident. For instance, whenever two vessels are approaching one another head-on, both captains should steer to the starboard (right) side to avoid a collision. If you’re boating in an area where you’re likely to encounter larger vessels, it’s best to stay alert and give them a wide berth. Larger boats often don’t have the ability to slow down and turn as quickly as a smaller watercraft. You should also steer clear of buoys. They may seem innocuous enough, but slamming into one can cause extensive damage to your boat. By following a few of these simple tips, you can hopefully prevent the need for a personal injury lawyer.
Just as you would never drive a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, you should never operate a boat of any kind while even slightly impaired. As any personal injury lawyer can tell you, alcohol is involved in a significant number of injuries and fatalities on the water, so appointing a designated driver before leaving the dock is crucial if you’re planning to have a few adult beverages aboard your boat.
By exercising these responsible boating habits, you can ensure the safety of your family as well as other boating enthusiasts on the lake this summer. Despite our best efforts, however, the recklessness of another can lead to an accident. If you or a loved one sustained an injury due to the negligence of someone else on the water, contact a personal injury lawyer at the law firm of Tolbert Beadle. Our attorneys are well-versed in boating accident cases, and we are fiercely dedicated to securing the compensation you deserve.