Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

Follow these tips to avoid a lawsuit from a slip and fall attorney.

Here at Tolbert Beadle, we have plenty of experience with slip and fall accidents. Naturally, our experienced slip and fall attorneys know what the court will look for to place blame. No one wants to be the victim of a slip and fall incident and business owners don’t want to deal with that mess either. But luckily, there are many practical ways to avoid the issue all together. Follow the steps below to actively provide a safe environment for both employees and customers.

Keep work areas well lit.

Providing employees and patrons with proper lighting is vital to preventing an unpleasant lawsuit from a slip and fall attorney. Make sure any stairwells or sloping walkways are clearly visible and if for some reason, an area cannot be well lit, prohibit access to it until you find a way to provide the proper lighting needed to safely navigate it.

Make sure walkways are clear of clutter.

Whether it’s a hallway, stairwell, breezeway or entryway, all walkways need to be clear of clutter to avoid trips. This is especially important during construction projects since there will likely be plenty of equipment and supplies lying around. A slip and fall attorney will look to point out potentially dangerous obstructions in walkways as hazards for slips and falls.

Treat snowy and icy areas outdoors.

When the winter weather makes its way to Missouri, we often find ourselves driving and walking through a lot of ice. Business owners should be extremely aware of their parking lots, outdoor walkways and entryways during this time. Make sure to lay down salt and/or sand along snowy and icy areas outdoors and lay down mats inside entryways to avoid pools of water gathering on the floor. If you feel that an area is overwhelmingly dangerous and you can’t do anything to make it safe for employees and customers, block it off completely. Better safe than sorry.

Maintain a clean and organized workplace.

Sticking to an organized cleaning routine will ensure that your place of business remains clean, uncluttered and safe for employees and customers. A slip and fall attorney will have a more difficult time proving that a slip was your fault if you stick to an effective, safe cleaning method for your floors, block off walkways until floors are completely dry, deal with spills quickly and efficiently and use the appropriate cleaning utensils and products to get the job done.

Identify hazards and create a plan to eliminate them.

Damaged carpets and worn floor tiles that are sticking up or breaking into pieces are both hazards for employees and consumers. Avoid the cost of a lawsuit with a slip and fall attorney by repairing old floors immediately. Be proactive instead of reactive and you’ll save yourself some major headaches.
Of course, even if you follow these suggestions for maintaining a safe workplace, accidents still happen unfortunately. If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident call Tolbert Beadle personal injury law firm in Springfield MO for help. An experienced slip and fall attorney will fight for your rights, whether you’re the accused or the accuser. Call today for your free consultation.