Safety Tips for Bikers from an Auto Accident Attorney

Stay safe on the open road with this advice for bikers from an auto accident attorney.

Few activities offer a greater sense of freedom and camaraderie than motorcycle riding, and warmer temperatures mean more bikers will soon be cruising the roads. As with any hobby involving horsepower, certain precautions must be taken to insure safety. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 1,979 people were injured in motorcycle accidents across the state in 2014. Tragically, these accidents claimed 87 lives. Help bring these numbers down by following a few safety reminders from the auto accident attorneys at Tolbert Beadle.

Share the Open Road: Tips From an Auto Accident Attorney

Since motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, motorists operating cars and trucks must be alert at all times. Motorcycles can easily get lost in a driver’s blind spot or screened by other objects. They can also appear to be further away or traveling at a higher speed than they actually are due to the difference in size. Auto accident attorneys recommend you err on the side of caution when changing lanes or turning at a busy intersection.
Don’t rely solely on a motorcycle’s brake light or turn signal; an auto accident attorney would suggest always maintaining a safe distance. Bikers often slow down by simply letting off the throttle, which doesn’t engage the brake light. Furthermore, less experienced riders will sometimes leave their turn signal on long after a lane change or turn because most models aren’t equipped with self-canceling signals.
As any auto accident attorney or personal injury lawyer can attest, motorists operating a car or truck are held liable in virtually every accident involving a motorcycle, even if the biker was at fault. Although a motorcyclist assumes a certain degree of risk, he or she is much more likely to sustain serious injury than the driver of a conventional automobile. Keep this in mind as you hit the road this summer.

Bikers Beware: Some Final Thoughts From an Auto Accident Attorney

As a responsible motorcycle enthusiast, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to avoid injury and keep the roadways safe for everyone. Maintain a proper distance when following other vehicles to help avoid collisions and potentially dangerous debris. Try to refrain from riding in rain or bad weather. If you simply must ride in wet conditions, stay light on the brakes and don’t make any abrupt maneuvers. Make necessary lane adjustments to compensate for the direction and speed of the wind. Finally, the auto accident attorneys at Tolbert Beadle remind you to always wear protective clothing, foot gear and a helmet.
The aftermath of a motorcycle crash takes a serious toll, both physically and emotionally. Let an auto accident attorney from the law firm of Tolbert Beadle, LLC fight for you during this turbulent time. Don’t let the insurance company determine your fate. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of a motorist, contact Tolbert Beadle for a free case evaluation today.