Slip and Fall Attorney: Injury from Walking on Black Ice

While many of us look forward to the colder months for their holiday celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, no one looks forward to the hazards that the winter weather often brings. Snow and ice accidents are common ground for the slip and fall attorney at our law firm, and black ice is especially hazardous.

What is black ice? Why is it the cause of so many painful slip and fall accidents? How can you avoid injury? How can a slip and fall attorney help? In this blog entry, Tolbert Beadle, LLC looks at avoiding getting hurt on black ice and seeking help from a slip and fall attorney if you’re caught by surprise.

What Is Black Ice?

The term “black ice” most often refers to a slippery but practically invisible layer of ice on a surface. The difficulty in being able to see black ice is what makes it so dangerous, as it is hard to avoid stepping on in and slipping without keeping a careful eye out.

Walking Slowly and Carefully

When it comes to dealing with black ice, there is one thing you may have to give up to avoid calling a slip and fall attorney – your dignity. Unfortunately, one of the most effective ways to avoid slipping and falling on black ice is to do what many people refer to as “the penguin walk”. This means taking small steps with your feet turned slightly outward. As silly as it looks, walking this way redistributes your weight and gives you slightly more control when you have less traction. Be aware that this is not a guarantee against falling, but walking slowly and being mindful of your sense of balance goes a long way to help you stay upright.

Stick To Public, Maintained Walkways

If you frequently take walks or walk to work, school, or a particular store, then you likely take one or two shortcuts along the way. Sadly, these shortcuts are likely extremely prone to black ice when the weather turns cold enough and you are far more likely to fall.

Even worse, if these shortcuts are secluded and out of public view, then you might be taking an even bigger risk should you fall out of sight of anyone else. When you know roads and sidewalks are icy, it’s better to stick to public walkways. While they may not always be well maintained, the chances of them being salted or treated in some way are typically higher.

Get Some Good Shoes

Wearing shoes with a less than optimal tread is a common factor in a lot of cases our slip and fall attorneys deal with. People tend to associate wearing the right shoes with traversing through snow or keeping your feet dry, but shoes designed with a stronger grip on the ground can help prevent slipping on black ice. Like any other piece of advice here, this is not a guarantee, just a measure to help reduce your risk.

Stay Vigilant

Unfortunately, there is no way to absolutely prevent yourself from slipping on black ice. Walking slowly and carefully, knowing where to walk and wearing the right kind of shoes will all help, but the risk is still there. If you do slip and fall in a public place that should have been treated, salted or otherwise maintained, you might need to contact an attorney.

Contact a Slip and Fall Attorney

If you’ve fallen victim to black ice, and you feel it was somewhere that it shouldn’t have been a hazard, contact Tolbert Beadle, LLC today. We’ll fight your corner to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury. In the meantime, follow the advice we’ve listed here to help avoid a painful fall this holiday season.