Slip and Fall Attorney: Safety at the Public Pool

Pool Safety Advice from a Slip and Fall Attorney

With warmer weather comes more opportunities for outdoor adventures like swimming at the pool or lake. When going to the pool, however, there can be situations that occur that would require you to hire a slip and fall attorney. No one wants to have to cut their fun in the sun adventures short due to injury. The slip and fall attorney staff at Tolbert Beadle have gathered a few tips to reduce the chance of injury while having fun at the public pool.

Don’t Run

The biggest risk for slipping and falling comes from the puddles of water around the pool. You will greatly reduce your chance of slipping and becoming injured if you do not run while at the pool. If you have children at the pool with you, make sure they do not run as well. Taking a few more seconds to get from one location to another is worth not ending up hurt and having to go home or to the hospital.

Follow the Posted Guidelines

Public pools have a number of guidelines posted all around the swimming area. These rules are in place to help reduce the chance of injury at the pool. It is extremely important to follow these rules at all times to make sure you and the people around you are as safe as possible.

Listen to the Lifeguard

The lifeguard’s main job is to monitor the safety of the people at the pool. They enforce rules to ensure the safety of everyone in and around the water. Listening to the lifeguard means that you are following the rules and reducing your chance of slipping and falling.

Wear Proper Clothing

Proper clothing and shoes are vitally important to your safety at the pool. Be sure to wear shoes with decent traction and proper swimming attire to make sure you are following the guidelines set by the managers of the pool.

Advice from an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney

If you or someone you know has been injured because of improper safety precautions at a public pool, consider hiring a slip and fall attorney. The slip and fall attorney team at Tolbert Beadle have years of experience and can fight to get you the compensation you deserve if you were injured through no fault of your own. We will work with your through every step of the claims process and ensure that the insurance company knows that you mean business. For more information on our slip and fall attorney team and how we can help you win your case, contact Tolbert Beadle online and schedule your consultation today.