Slip and Fall Attorney: Stay Safe while Hiking

Safety Hiking Tips from a Slip and Fall Attorney

The weather is finally nice enough enjoy your time outside, and hiking is a great way to relax, exercise, and renew your mental state, all in one activity. While spending an afternoon in nature could be just what the doctor ordered in terms of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, there are dangers involved in any physical activity. To avoid requiring the services of a slip and fall attorney, follow this guide to stay safe while hiking.

The Right Gear for the Job

There’s a reason why hiking boots don’t look like tennis shoes, they’re designed to handle different terrain and support your feet in alternate ways. When you hike, there are chances of rocks, brush, branches, and uneven terrain. Hiking boots are designed with deep tread to take on the roughest terrain and get you up each hill safely. Most hiking boots are also designed with a higher ankle, to protect you from rolling it if you slip and fall.
Hiking can be hot work, but it can also get cold in the woods. Be sure to dress in layers and bring the supplies you need to get home safely should you get lost. A compass, map of the area, flare, and mobile phone will come in handy if you should lose your way.

Know Your Trail

Sometimes it isn’t enough to bring a map and a compass if you don’t know the trail you’re taking on. Remember that nature isn’t always as well kept as the sidewalks of your neighborhood, which means that there could be fallen trees, holes in the ground, and even sinkholes. Knowing the trail that you’re taking on and leaving word with family or friends about your whereabouts before you head out for a hike will keep you safe and reduce the need to call a slip and fall attorney should you have an accident.

Take a Guide

If you’re hiking in an area you don’t know or you’re an adventurous soul taking on a hike that’s known to be a bit treacherous, bring a guide. Hiking alone is dangerous enough when conditions are good. If you bring somebody who has hiked the area before, you’ll have a better chance at coming home safely.

When to Call a Slip and Fall Attorney

Even when you follow all the guidelines above, there’s still a possibility that you could hurt yourself on a trail. So, when is the best time to contact a law firm if you’ve had an accident? Calling a slip and fall attorney should be the first step you take following a visit to the doctor. If you’ve had an accident that may be the fault of a property caretaker or community group due to poor upkeep and maintenance of a hiking zone, you should get in touch with a law firm while the evidence is still effective.
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