Tips From A Personal Injury Lawyer: Everything You Need To Know About Tour Bus Injuries

A personal injury lawyer can help walk you through the basics of tour bus injuries.

About this time of the year, the busiest tourist season begins. The biggest tourist attractions and vacation spots grow to be packed with people, and Branson is no exception. The streets and theme parks get crowded with seas of people sporting fanny packs and sun visors, and the shows starting getting booked up. Since the masses are vacationing, transit options for sightseers are available to groups. Buses make their way down 76 Country Boulevard, exploring all of the attractions that the Branson hills have to offer.
Consequently, tour bus injury numbers go up as well. (Any personal injury lawyer will tell you that.) It may not sound like a common occurrence, but it happens much more often than you think! These incidents can easily be overlooked as faultless injuries, but many times they take place as a result of the driver’s conduct. Erratic braking or allowing the bus to shift while passengers are boarding or exiting the bus are common causes. Improper luggage storage or faulty unloading processes can also lead to accidents.

It Could Be You

These scenarios sound minor when you’re not the victim, but when you’re left with broken bones, cuts, bruises, or damaged property, it becomes a bigger deal, and someone needs to be held accountable besides the injured party. It can sometimes be intimidating to file the claim yourself, as these organizations and their insurance companies are knowledgeable and know the loopholes to try and avoid accepting liability for your injury. As your personal injury lawyer, we will be in your corner, holding them responsible, and we won’t allow them to shift blame or force you to pick up the tab for someone else’s mistake.
Imagine it’s you. Imagine that you excitedly jumped aboard a tour bus and had a great day sightseeing. Imagine that as you’re getting off, the bus shifts slightly in such a way that you land wrong coming off of the last step. You don’t think much of it at the time because it seems minute. You don’t say anything and continue on your way. Then, the next morning you wake up with a swollen ankle and foot; it’s painful to walk or put weight on it, and your job requires you stand a lot. You decide to call in sick for work that day and make your way to the doctor. At the doctor, you find out that your ankle is sprained and you can’t go back to standing on it for at least a week, but you don’t have any vacation time and this doesn’t qualify for paid sick leave.
So, you’ve already acquired a doctor’s bill from the misstep that the bus movement caused, and now you’re missing out on a week’s wages (at least) because you need to rest your ankle for it to heal. Many people would see it as a faultless incident and not consider that precautions could have been taken to prevent it. Many people would absorb those costs, even if it put them in a bad place financially, because they thought it was their only option. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer will tell you that it’s definitely not your only option.
At Tolbert Beadle, we are not here to materialize a problem that doesn’t exist; our law firm is here to address the ones that do exist. We’re slip and fall attorneys because when those accidents happen, the person or organization at fault should be the one to pay the bills, not the victim. Same for tour bus injuries. Absorbing the costs of an accident that someone else caused is not something you should have to do. Personal injury lawyers are here because we want to support you when your back is against the wall and keep you from being intimidated by people or processes that would try to deter you from filing your claim.
We don’t wish calamity on anyone. We hope your vacations and travels this spring and summer are worry-free; we just want you to know that if something does happen that causes you damage, you have options. A Tolbert Beadle personal injury lawyer is on your side.