Tolbert Beadle: 4 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving


Do you struggle to avoid distraction while driving? Check out these tips.

With so many distractions on the road today, the actual act of driving can oftentimes become a second hand task – as people become consumed in conversation, music, phones and more. And while we recognize the problem this is, many still struggle to place their total focus and attention on the task at hand. In order to help you avoid distraction on the road, however, the experts at Tolbert Beadle have identified four key tips. We detail them below.

Don’t Use Your Phone

By now, you’ve heard it plenty of times; don’t use your phone while driving. But it’s one of the biggest things you can do to avoid distracted driving, which in turn reduces your chances of being involved in an auto accident, which in turn reduces your chances of needing an auto accident attorney (it’s a slippery slope). If you get a text, it can wait. If you get a phone call, it can wait. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to just turn your phone off altogether while driving. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, however, at least put it on silent. No text or call is worth your life, or others.

Avoid Multitasking

In order to avoid multitasking, have your stuff sorted out before taking to the streets. That means have your GPS programmed, your toll money ready, and the donuts in the passenger seat out of reach where they belong. The more organized you are before driving, the less you’ll have to take your eyes off the road while doing it.

Limit the Life Altering Conversations

For as difficult as it may be, try to limit those life altering conversations while driving. You know, anything that somebody would initiate with, “We need to talk.” This type of conversation can typically be associated with stress, which can hinder the driver’s ability to focus on the task at hand. That said, we at Tolbert Beadle understand that – sometimes – these conversations will inevitably arise. If you happen to come across this situation, we recommend that you pull over to the shoulder, or off at the next exit until you’ve resolved the issue(s).

Let Passengers Help

If you happen to be driving a car with passengers in it, there’s no shame in leaning on them for some assistance. Let them manage the radio (we at Tolbert Beadle understand this may be difficult to do, but it’s worth it), GPS, or anything phone related. It’ll ensure safer travels for everybody, and give them something productive to do.

Tolbert Beadle Overview

No matter what the options are at your disposal, driving is still a task that requires your full attention. In order to make sure you’re doing everything you can to accomplish this, follow the tips above identified by us at Tolbert Beadle.
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