Tolbert Beadle: How to File an Insurance Claim After an Accident

Filing an Insurance Claim Advice from Tolbert Beadle

Filing an insurance claim may sound like a complicated, foreign process, but when it comes down to it, the basics are simple. Here at Tolbert Beadle, we believe it’s important that you know how to handle an insurance claim in the event of a car accident.
Learning how to file an insurance claim could be beneficial in many instances, but today, we will simply discuss the basics of filing a claim after a car accident. Let’s start from the beginning.

At the Scene of the Accident

After an accident occurs, it’s natural to feel shaken up, confused, and stressed. Try to remain calm and breathe deeply. Make sure you and any others involved in the accident are okay and check to see if anyone is seriously injured. Call the police immediately.
Once the police arrive, the car accident attorneys of Tolbert Beadle recommend filing a report with the officer who arrives by providing all the details you can about what happened. Always be honest and truthful about what happened.
After you talk to the police, make sure to take photos of the accident, get the contact information of all those involved in the wreck, and talk to any eyewitnesses you can find. Make sure to get their contact information as well!

The Day of the Accident

Once things have calmed down a bit and you’ve had your car towed or moved to a safe area, call your insurance company. Your account representative will guide you through the claims process.
Be prepared to provide details about the accident, such as where it occurred, what happened, who was involved, and how severely vehicles involved were damaged. You may want to consider contacting a car accident attorney at this point as well.
If another insurance agency contacts you, the attorneys of Tolbert Beadle highly suggest that you NOT respond to questions, rather direct them to your attorney and have the insurance representative question him or her.

The Days After the Accident

The damage to your vehicle will be assessed by a claims adjustor and in most cases, your insurance company will work with an auto body shop to negotiate the extent of the repairs.
Payment for reasonable cost of repairs to the vehicle will be due once a repair estimate has been made. Depending on who is at fault and what type of insurance coverage that person has, the driver who is not at fault may be able to claim reimbursement for a number of expenses, including your insurance deductible for repairs and time off of work.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney of Tolbert Beadle for Assistance

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and would like legal guidance or representation, please contact an auto accident attorney at Tolbert Beadle today. We are waiting and ready to assist you with your insurance claim and fight to get any payment you are rightfully due.
Don’t delay — call Tolbert Beadle today. Your initial consultation is free and our lawyers are paid on a contingency fee basis.