Trucking Tips Truckers Should Follow from an Auto Accident Lawyer

Semi-truck drivers have significant responsibilities on their hands. Tasked with driving long hours on the road in vehicles many times the size of a regular sedan, truckers must remain alert and cautious at all times.

Sometimes truckers, trying to get ahead or make a deadline, will compromise their responsibilities to other drivers by speeding or otherwise behaving recklessly. This is where an auto accident lawyer comes in. An auto accident lawyer at Tolbert Beadle, LLC will fight for you when you’ve been the victim of negligent semi-truck driving. If you suspect that the semi-truck driver was ignoring very basic and standard road rules, then be sure to let your auto accident lawyer know.

Below, we’ll detail some of the typical behaviors a trucker should exhibit, so you’ll know how to better identify unsafe trucking practice.

Be Aware of the Forecast

As simple as this one sounds, it seems as if many truckers either forget or think themselves impervious to poor weather conditions.

Good truckers should be preparing themselves for bad weather beforehand. They should know when to take it slow in rain, sleet, or aggressively high winds, and they should know when to pull over and wait it out.

If you’re concerned that a semi-truck near you could be compromised by the weather conditions, keep your distance. You don’t want their negligence interfering with your road trip.

Maintain Alertness

Much like maintaining awareness of the road conditions, truckers should be able to maintain significant alertness while on the road.

Many truckers mistake “alertness” for “another cup of coffee,” but one more cup of joe won’t bring them back to life if they’re poorly-rested or at the end of a long day. Signs of poor alertness will be notable, consistent side-to-side movement in the lane, repeatedly hitting the rumble strip on the shoulder, or changing lanes without seeing someone within their visibility.

Leave Room

Good truckers will leave plenty of space around their rigs. They shouldn’t drive on your tail, and they shouldn’t be making hasty lane changes while other cars are around and potentially trying to pass. Semi-trucks take much longer to slow down to a stop than smaller, lighter cars. Any trucker driving closely to others endangers their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Let Your Auto Accident Lawyer Know

If you’ve been the victim of poor semi-truck driving, be sure to let your auto accident lawyer know what kinds of behaviors the trucker was exhibiting on the road. A good auto accident lawyer will know just how to win you the compensation you need, but these details will help to strengthen the case. While it’s unfortunate that anyone should have to seek the assistance of an auto accident lawyer due to someone else’s poor driving, it does happen. Let Tolbert Beadle, LLC help you.