Understanding Workplace Injuries and the Role of a Workers Comp Lawyer

Hire a workers comp lawyer to recover the losses of your workplace injury.

If you’ve been injured on the clock, you may have already applied for workers comp. Unfortunately, many workers comp claim applications are denied, leaving families and individuals without vital income to pay for expenses like medical bills, groceries and other important necessities. In situations like this, you need a workers comp lawyer that can provide strong legal support to help you get the benefits you need to support yourself and your family.
The world of workers compensation can be a tricky one, but an experienced workers comp lawyer can provide the needed background to help determine the best plan of action for your individual situation. First, let’s talk about work-related injuries and then we’ll explain why it’s important to have legal representation.

What qualifies as a “work-related” injury?

Although it seems like it would be common sense, it’s often difficult to determine if an injury truly was “work-related”. Many injuries that happen in the workplace may or may not be eligible for a workers comp lawsuit depending on when and where the injury happened. Here are a few examples to help explain this phenomenon:
EXAMPLE 1: Mary was driving to work one morning when suddenly, she was hit by an oncoming driver. She suffered minor head injuries and a cracked rib. Are her injuries covered by workers compensation? NO. Injuries sustained while making regular commutes to and from work are not covered but if Mary had been driving a company car, her injuries would be covered by workers comp.
EXAMPLE 2: John works in a factory. One day he witnessed a horrible accident in which his co-worker was killed. Ever since that day, John has experienced serious mental issues like hallucinations, depression and sleep apnea. Is John’s mental condition covered by workers compensation? YES, but mental illnesses are often more difficult to prove in a lawsuit so an experienced workers comp lawyer will be necessary.
Generally speaking, if you were injured while doing something that is of benefit to your employer, any injuries sustained are likely classified as “work-related.” If you’re unsure about your own injuries and whether or not they are work-related, contact Tolbert Beadle today for a free consultation with a workers comp lawyer.

How can I get workers comp benefits?

In order to be eligible for workers comp benefits your injury must be work-related and you must be an employee of a person or company that has workers compensation insurance. Most employers are required to be have workers compensation insurance but there are exceptions. These exceptions vary depending on the type of business, what kind of work employees are doing and how many employees there are.
Some workers such as farm workers, seasonal employees, or people who work at a home like babysitters may not qualify for workers comp. But even if your employer tells you that you can’t get workers comp, consult a workers comp lawyer to be sure.
Depending on the injury, workers comp benefits may include:

  • medical benefits
  • wage reimbursement
  • rehab
  • temporary disability benefits
  • total disability benefits
  • partial disability benefits

What will a workers comp lawyer do for me?

The prime responsibility of a workers comp lawyer is to help people who have work-related injuries recover the losses of those injuries. Whether that means reimbursement of wages, a reduction of medical bills or temporary disability checks, a workers comp lawyer will fight to make sure you receive full compensation for your injuries.
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