What Happens When You Get Injured on Your Spring Break Trip? Seek Help From a Law Firm

As spring flowers bloom and the warmer weather approaches, what better time than now to book your next trip to the beach for spring break? Spring break is the perfect getaway for college students, couples, friends, co-workers, and families to spend time together away from their jobs and school. A relaxing break with boat rides, sandy beaches, and other adventurous excursions could be just what you were hoping for. The beach is a place to unwind and ‘kick your feet up’, but are you covered for when things don’t go according to the itinerary? Tolbert Beadle has you covered and is here to help you when your trip doesn’t go as planned. Today’s blog posts will cover the many instances that may occur on your next vacation and how you are able to prepare if you, a friend, or a loved one suffers from personal injury.

What Happens If I Get Hurt on Spring Break?

Spring break is a time to breath easy and take a break from the chaos. Although, deep sea fishing, boat rides, and dolphin tours sound fun; there are also many dangers. Boating accidents and watercraft rentals are where most injuries take place. A jet ski crash, a speed boat wreck, or a slip on the dock can cause massive headache for you personally and financially. Don’t worry. The personal injury lawyers at Tolbert Beadle have you covered. You can take comfort in knowing that Tolbert Beadle provides some of the best personal injury lawyers at their law firm. All the hiccups and financial burden from insurance companies and medical bills will be eliminated. Your personal injury case may be worth more than you are aware. Check out our website where you can get a free review of your case. It’s a simple survey that just requires you to fill out information on where and when your accident took place. Our law firm helps you get back on your feet after unexpected tragedy strikes. We get results.

Do I Need a Law Firm?

A law firm will help you tremendously in the event that an accident or injury occurs. Since we are right at that time for spring break, look no further for representation. At Tolbert Beadle, we ensure that you are taken care of from the minute you are appointed an attorney. Let’s face it, you aren’t going to sit in your condo all day watching the waves from afar. Spring break is about going out beyond your comfort zone and checking off new things on your bucket list. One of the most common injuries has to do with boating and the water. According to the U.S. Coast Guard’s 2014 Recreational Boating Statistics, Missouri saw 142 boating accidents. Thirteen of these accidents were fatal. Fourteen people died, more than 100 were injured, and the total damages amounted to more than 1.6 million dollars. Tolbert and Beadle have represented many boating accident cases as well as drowning instances. Their law firm takes into account the many accidents that can occur when you are that close to an ocean. At Tolbert Beadle, no one should have to suffer the consequences when dealing with something as serious as drowning due to another’s negligence.

Contact Tolbert Beadle Today If You Were Injured On Your Spring Break Trip

Please contact Tolbert Beadle if you think that you may qualify for a wrongful injury that occurred while you were on spring break, wherever that destination may be. If any of these instances apply to you, get the coverage that you deserve. If your issue is of urgency please contact our toll-free number at (800) 887-4030. We also provide a Live Chat online with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. As mentioned previously, submitting your case online is the easiest way to let us know the details and events that occurred. Are you wanting to take action? Choose the law firm of Tolbert Beadle and be represented by an aggressive personal injury lawyer.