When Should I contact a Wrongful Death Attorney?

How Long Should I Wait to Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Wrongful death is defined as an act of negligence or recklessness which ends in the unnecessary, accidental death of an individual. Reasons for death include, but are not limited to, automobile accidents, construction site accidents, drownings, and defective products. Wrongful death attorneys fight to bring families compensation for their losses.
The loss of a loved one brings on a devastating and highly emotional time, and it may be difficult to sort through all the facts revolving around the incident which has taken place. Contacting a wrongful death attorney takes the guess work out of deciding whether someone is at fault and how they should be punished for their wrongdoing.

Choosing to Act

Processing the death of a loved one is difficult enough without factoring in legal matters. Unfortunately, the timing in a wrongful death case is very sensitive and requires fast action. By contacting a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible, you give yourself the best opportunity to receive justice for the deceased.
At Tolbert Beadle LLC, we understand that a lawsuit is often the last thing on the mind of those grieving, but in cases of wrongful death, detecting proof of misconduct, negligence, and bad behavior on the part of the accused takes time. The skilled attorneys at our law firm will do everything in their power to help bring your case the recognition it deserves and prove that the death of your loved one could have been avoided.

Building a Case with a Wrongful Death Attorney

It can be extremely difficult to prove that the accused in a wrongful death suit is at fault because he or she is likely to deny it. This means that your wrongful death attorney will have to work hard to gather proof that there was a lack of care given at some point which initiated the incident. This could be on the road or through the production of a harmful product.
A spouse, parent, or child of somebody who has died wrongfully is able to initiate a claim on the behalf of the deceased. When you file, it will be to receive compensation for the mental pain and financial hardship incurred due to the loss of your loved one. Your lawyer may also wish to seek punitive damages, which are sums awarded as a form of punishment for the accused. This is meant to teach others to avoid the same action and, in turn, avoid future wrongful deaths.
If you do not file as soon as possible, you may miss your window of opportunity to file at all. A lengthy wait between the time of death and contacting a wrongful death attorney forfeits your right to initiate the legal proceedings necessary to bring your loved one justice.

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