Why Should I Hire a Lawyer if I Have Car Insurance?


William Beadle: A lot of questions that we get from clients are I have car insurance, I have a insurance agent. Why would I go and hire you, a lawyer, when I already have car insurance and an agent, if I’ve been in car accident. And my answer always is you’re not in good hands like you think you are or like a good neighbor, they’re not always there to help you out. And what I mean by that is, you, yes, you do have car insurance, but their job, normally, if you’re in a car accident, is to handle a defense of a claim against you. Their job is not to proactively represent you in injury claims. 


Secondly, there are a lot of types of coverages that you have in your policy, even if you’re not at fault that will apply to help you. The defendants, or the drivers at fault party, their insurance company is supposed to, under the law, take care of your damages. And we all know that that usually doesn’t happen, hence why we’re brought into it. But you also have insurance coverage that your agent or your insurance company isn’t going to explain the full benefits that you, usually, they usually won’t fully explain the benefits that you can use so those are things that I always tell folks, hey, listen, when we, when I asked them to hire me, they were in a car accident that wasn’t their fault.


I say let’s look at your insurance. And they say well, what, why should we do that? I didn’t do anything wrong. And you didn’t. However, you paid for coverages that your insurance company that you have, your personal insurance company, 99% of time isn’t going to explain fully to you how to use and how that plays in with the the liability policy, the other side the defense policy, and that’s not really their job. So, that’s really kind of what our job is, is to look at those coverages. explain them to you, and help you navigate the use of that policy in exchange, or in coordination with, so you want to use your policy in coordination with the defendants policy and then also your health insurance. 


So there’s really a lot of moving parts in car accidents as far as how to use all the different insurances. Don’t expect that since you have insurance on your own or have an agent that they’ll take care of all those damages for you because that’s really not their job. Primarily you have insurance to defend you in case you’re ever sued. 


So yeah, so if you’ve been in a car accident, don’t hesitate to call us. If you need us to walk through and do an analysis of what insurance coverages you have and how that will help you in a case where you’ve been injured by someone else. That’s what we do. Give us call.