Workers Comp Lawyer Advice: What Bills Workers Comp Covers

Bills Your Workers Comp Lawyer Can Help You Cover

Dealing with an injury that prevents you from working can be frustrating and stressful. This stress isn’t helped by the medical bills that you have to deal with. Luckily, workers comp can help to cover these bills. A common question clients ask their workers comp lawyer is what bills workers comp will cover for them. Today we’ll shed some light on that question.

Medical Treatment

One of the most important bills your workers comp covers is your hospital and care bills. This means your appointments, medication, surgeries, and treatment plan will all be covered by workers comp. Keep in mind, your benefits will only cover what is deemed necessary to complete your treatment. If you want to undergo experimental or alternative treatments, the insurance company will likely refuse to cover it. Some companies may, so you can at least inquire, but more than likely your request for these type of treatments will be denied. This doesn’t mean you can’t pursue these treatments, it just means that it will be coming out of your pocket. So keep this in mind when deciding on treatments.

Physical Therapy

If you need ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation, workers comp will also cover these bills. As long as it’s deemed necessary to get you back in working condition, workers comp will be required to cover it. Workers comp can also pay for counseling and therapy if it’s required to get you in a healthy enough mental state to return to work. In some cases, there may be a limit to how much is paid, but your workers comp lawyer should be able to help you figure out the stipulations.

Ongoing Disability

This is what is most commonly associated with workers comp. When you receive workers comp benefits, you’ll receive ongoing payments to make up for the wages you would’ve made if you were working. These payments will only be received if you can’t go back to work following the medical treatments. A workers comp lawyer can help you determine what you’re eligible for based on your unique situation.

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