Workers’ Comp Lawyer: Common Injuries for Airport Employees

Working in a modern airport is an exciting opportunity, presenting an employee with challenging work as well as the prospect of meeting people from all walks of life. But working in an airport also has an element of danger, as it is not uncommon for an employee to sustain a workplace injury in an airport setting.

Types of Common Injuries

Airport workers are exposed daily to many sources of potential injury. One type of injury happens when unsecured items fall from above, causing head or upper body injury. Luggage, tools used in repairs, even loose structural parts have been known to fall and hit employees.

Slip and fall injuries are common in airports when floors are washed or the tarmac is snow-covered or wet. Airliner repairs performed high above the ground can result in falls from a ladder. Tripping and falling over loose or misplaced cables can cause orthopedic injuries as well as lifting heavy objects, causing back injuries.

Airport workers can also develop diseases from exposure to chemicals or foreign diseases, resulting in illness or even death.

Workers Compensation for Airport Employees

Hectic as an airport can be, airport employers are responsible for providing a safe work environment for its employees and the busyness of an airport is not an excuse for a lapse in safety protocols or carelessness. All employees are entitled to fair compensation for their injury, regardless of their position or the cause.

But sometimes an employee needs some assistance working with their employer, or in many cases, a third party who may be another contractor company at the airport location. In such third party cases it can be difficult to determine which contractor is responsible for causing the accident or injury. The employee will need to find a reliable workers’ comp lawyer to handle the case and provide professional assistance.

Tolbert Beadle LLC Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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