Workers Comp Lawyer for Roadside Construction

You May Need a Workers Comp Lawyer After a Roadside Construction Accident

Working on a roadside construction site can be hazardous and stressful. Cars zoom by all day, and not all the drivers may be driving safely. Unfortunately, sometimes the worst happens and a reckless driver could injure a worker on one of these construction sites. If you are a roadside construction worker who has been injured by a reckless driver or unsafe work conditions, don’t hesitate to call a workers comp lawyer at Tolbert Beadle today.

Reckless Drivers

If you are working a roadside construction site and you are hit by a negligent driver, you are definitely entitled to compensation. It’s understood by drivers that when they enter a construction zone, they need to slow down. If they don’t they could potentially harm the workers on the site. Typically, there is even signage to tell them they need to slow down. If there is no signage, your employer is at fault for not providing a safe work environment. If you were injured while working roadside construction, it’s no fault of yours. Make sure you have a workers comp lawyer to protect these rights.

Unsafe Conditions

There are countless factors and safety measures that go into making sure a roadside construction site is safe for workers. If any one of these precautions is neglected, the employer could be held liable. Proper signage and dividers are just a couple of ways that employers need to keep their construction workers safe. There also needs to be properly maintained safety gear and equipment provided on site. These essential safety measures cannot be ignored, and there is no excuse for not providing employees with a safe working environment. If you were injured due to unsafe work conditions brought on by an employer, contact a workers comp lawyer. They will fight the insurance companies and make sure you don’t have to worry about getting your compensation.

Contact a Workers Comp Lawyer Today

If you were injured at your roadside construction site, contact a workers comp lawyer today. They will see to it that you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with a workers comp lawyer at Tolbert Beadle, and we will fight for your rights. No one should endure the pain and suffering of a construction injury. And even fewer people should suffer these injuries without just compensation. We will fight aggressively for the compensation that you’re entitled to. Contact us today for more information or view the Tolbert Beadle website.