Workers’ Comp Lawyer: Heat Strokes At Work

Whether you like it or not, summer is coming, and the humidity and heat of a Missouri summer will be back in full force soon. For most people, that isn’t a huge problem. It can be annoying, but most people will spend their time in the air conditioning.

For outdoor workers, however, the summer months are among the roughest, especially with vocations such as construction or delivery services. The days are longer and the heat makes the job harder. It also makes heatstroke a possibility, and in today’s post, Tolbert Beadle will have our workers’ comp lawyer examine what happens when you have a heatstroke at work.

What Is Heatstroke?

Heatstroke is a condition that occurs when the body overheats, typically from long exposure to high temperatures in the summer months. This condition is often brought on by high levels of physical activity and can also be accelerated by excess clothing and dehydration.

Some of the symptoms include high body temperature, confusion, vomiting, and a rapid heart rate. This is one of the more common workplace conditions that are seen by workers’ comp lawyers.

How Does Heatstroke Apply To Workers’ Comp?

Heatstroke is a very common condition for workers who are exposed to extreme summer temperatures while enduring strenuous physical labor. Since that labor comes at work, many workers’ comp lawyers hear about these types of cases. However, it isn’t always clear-cut whether your heatstroke would require compensation and in turn a workers’ comp lawyer.

When Might I Deserve Workers’ Comp?

As an outdoor worker, you sign up for working in harsh conditions, just as you do during the winter months. However, there are certain things that employers are required to do to help prevent heatstroke in their employees. These employee standards include allowing for regular breaks, providing plenty of hydrating liquids, and taking further measures such as providing shade for employees.

When it comes to your need for a workers’ comp lawyer, it all depends on the situation and if your employer was negligent in preventing heatstroke. If you weren’t allowed proper water breaks or are required to wear clothing and equipment that isn’t to the standards of summer weather, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you get compensated for your heatstroke.

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