Workers’ Comp Lawyer: Injury at a Work Holiday Party

People typically associate workers’ comp lawyers with serious workplace injuries. You might think of a construction work falling off a ladder and breaking their leg, for example. Or someone slipping on a wet surface that wasn’t signposted and breaking a wrist or forearm. But, these aren’t the only kinds of cases that a workers’ comp lawyer will handle.

Did you even think about the potential for injury at your office or workplace Christmas party, for example? The majority of professional workplaces will have an annual party, many of which involve alcohol – which greatly increases the risk of a personal injury. Depending on the circumstances that led to the injury, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation and a workers’ comp lawyer can explain how.

Who Is Responsible?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that your employer is not responsible for any injuries incurred during an office party, but you would be only partially correct. Whether or not an employer is liable when it comes to office parties depends on a number of factors.

Where Is the Party Held?

Is the party taking place in the office? Or is it offsite? If you encounter an accident or injury at an offsite location, it may be harder to argue a case for workers’ compensation.

When Is the Party Held?

Similarly, is the party being held within or outside of regular office hours? Just like the location factor above, if the party is outside of office hours, it might be harder to argue your case.

Is It Mandatory?

It might sound strange, but the concept of a “mandatory” office party is not entirely uncommon. Some office parties are more formal affairs, and often involve speeches, award ceremonies and company business conducted during the party. In this case, especially if it is taking place at your place of work and during office hours, an employer is more likely to be seen as liable.

What You Need to Consider

Accidents happen at office parties and celebrations, especially when there is alcohol involved. If your office party is being held in the workplace during working hours, and you end up injured through no fault of your own, then it is time to contact a workers’ comp lawyer.

Outside the workplace or at a non-compulsory function can make things harder to determine, but a legal professional can help you navigate even the more grey areas of work-related injuries.

Contact a Workers Comp Lawyer

If you’ve been injured at a company party and know it wasn’t your fault, contact a workers’ comp lawyer at Tolbert Beadle, LLC today. Our law firm has a long history of successfully fighting workers’ compensation cases, and we’re ready to take your call. Take a look at the other services we offer at our law firm, and find out why we’re the firm to fight your corner and win your case.