Wrongful Death Attorney: How a Suit Affects the Grieving Process

Contacting a Wrongful Death Attorney and Filing Suit Might Affect the Grieving Process

When somebody is killed due to negligent or reckless behavior, a wrongful death attorney can help you find justice for your loved one. At Tolbert Beadle LLC, we handle cases of wrongful death, including motor vehicle accidents, drownings, construction site accidents, and defective products.
Everybody processes grief differently, and whether you follow the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 5 stage model, or you relate more to George Bonanno’s theory of the four trajectories of grief, the experience will be completely unique to everyone experiencing it.

Closure with Your Wrongful Death Attorney

Following the death of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is deal with lawyers, but some clients find that using the services of a wrongful death attorney helps the grieving process. Reaching out to someone who understands that your loved one’s death could have been avoided and who is willing to fight for their rights can help bring you closure.
Parents, children, and spouses of an individual lost in a wrongful death suit can be awarded due to mental pain and suffering. Some lawyers may also suggest going after punitive damages, which are ordered by a judge as a punishment for a crime committed. This amount goes above and beyond that which is required for mental pain alone.

A Difficult Time

Grieving is a difficult time to consider lawsuits and working with a wrongful death attorney, but waiting too long could result in the loss of rights to prosecute. Cases of this type take time to gather evidence because often the accused will deny their involvement with the death. For this reason, it’s important to reach out to a law firm as soon as possible.
For some, a wrongful death case makes the loss feel sharper, and it could seem more difficult to reach a level of acceptance. While the process may exacerbate feelings of grief, receiving justice for your loved one could still help bring some closure to your family. The compensation awarded following the case will also ease financial difficulty and allow for transition into a new stage in your life.
While nothing can bring back the life of the individual you lost, working with a wrongful death attorney can bring back a feeling of purpose and a sense that the law has done its job to right the wrongs committed.

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