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Have you ever attended an event or gathering and received an injury from the neglect of safety and health codes? You may be able to take legal action with one of our attorneys. At Tolbert, Beadle, we are ready to fight for you against injuries resulting from an accident at recreational or professional events. Our experienced attorneys are aggressive in helping you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Common Events Where Injuries Occur

There are several types of large gatherings and events where accidents occur. Some of these common events include:

  • Concerts
  • Banquets
  • Company Gatherings
  • Weddings and other special occasions
  • Conferences

When crowds gather together as part of a business, the owner is obligated to consider all the factors that could affect the safety of those patrons. Even event organizers must take certain steps to ensure safety, including clearly marking the separation of pedestrians and vehicles, having adequate lighting in parking lots, and providing other security measures. Also, when property owners do not adequately prepare for a crowd, their inadequate safety measures may lead to your injury. Our attorneys at Tolbert Beadle are ready to speak with you.

Event Health and Safety Precautions

When you attend an event, whether it is for your work, another organization, or for recreation, the event planners, property owners, and business owners must take several health and safety precautions into consideration. A few of the necessary health and safety measures include:

  • Risk Assessment: An event planner must initially take all risks into consideration, determine who is at risk, and discover ways to minimize these risks.
  • Fire Code Standards: These standards limit the number of patrons a business can allow through its door. Investigators often find these standards have been ignored when accidents resulting in injuries occur at large gatherings.
  • Accommodations: Many events require certain accommodations, such as wheelchair ramps, accessible doors, accommodations for children and older people, as well as many other considerations.
  • Emergency Plan: There must be a plan for emergencies, such as exits, lighting, and instructions.
  • Outdoor Safety: You must have an area for event attendees to go in case of bad weather. You must assess the risk when the ground is wet. You must also provide proper lighting, an event area devoid of trip hazards, and pedestrian safety, especially if there is vehicle traffic.

If you have experienced an injury due to the neglect of any necessary health and safety measures or if you are unsure if your injury allows you to take legal action, contact Tolbert Beadle today.

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