When a child is placed into the foster care system, it’s to temporarily provide a stable and caring environment during a time that they are in desperate need; it’s a very delicate time and situation for the child. The law has provisions in place to ensure that the child is safe and well taken care of, but what happens when a child is injured or harmed in the home or by the very people that should be providing protection?Insurance companies will lead you to believe that they’re working to rectify the situation, but they’re actually working for the person responsible. If you hire a personal injury lawyer from Tolbert Beadle, we will actively and aggressively pursue the full compensation allowed under the law. In your distress, you may be inclined to allow insurance companies to determine what happens; don’t fall into that trap. Do what is best for your family; contact Tolbert Beadle to hire your personal injury lawyer and be your advocate in this time of need.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Demand Accountability

When a foster child is harmed, the responsibility may rest on the temporary guardians or shared with the agency that is overseeing placement of the child. The agency, whether public or private, is responsible for evaluation, screening, and supervision of prospective foster parents.

Any negligence in this process may allow an inappropriate party to gain custody of foster child, putting that child in imminent danger. From slacking on the background check process to not property evaluating every adult individual in the household, negligence on the end of the agency puts a defenseless child that needs stability in the wrong hands; Tolbert Beadle will make sure to demand that someone take responsibility for the harm that came to your child at a time when you were supposed to be able to trust the system to protect them.

Tolbert Beadle will be the Advocate that You Need

Every foster child who has been injured deserves aggressive legal representation.  Children are assigned to homes to provide a protective, warm, and stable environment; when the system fails to provide this environment, someone must be held accountable.  Tolbert Beadle will take the reigns, providing you with a personal injury lawyer to fight for you and your child. We won’t allow the harm that came to your child to go unaddressed; your personal injury lawyer will ensure that you get compensation in the aftermath of your child’s injury.

Contact Tolbert Beadle for a free consultation with your personal injury lawyer. We will be your advocate. Don’t worry about the finances. We work on a contingency fee; you only pay legal fees if the claim is settled in your favor. Contact our law firm, then sit back and let us go to war for you.