Missouri laws establish strict liability for animal owners to ensure that livestock are properly contained. A passerby, whether on foot or vehicle, should not be subject to contact of any kind with livestock. If you are injured by unconfined livestock, whether from a direct injury such as a bite or an indirect one like an auto accident, the owner is liable; a personal injury lawyer will make sure that they are held accountable and that you receive the payment that you are entitled to.If you are bitten, stamped on or knocked over by a large animal, you may endure broken bones or even require surgery; an auto accident as a result of livestock may cause severe injury and damages or even death. The responsibility of owning livestock requires owners to properly confine it; when a livestock owner fails to do that, they are financially liable for any injury or damages caused.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies will try to deter you from filing a claim or present obstacles every step of the way to keep from having to pay out; your personal injury lawyer form Tolbert Beadle will not be intimidated by those ploys.  We will aggressively fight for you to get the maximum settlement allowed under the law.

At Tolbert Beadle, we are passionate about getting accident victims the compensation that they need and deserve. Livestock injury victims are a part of that. We want to represent you and be your advocate. From filing the claim to knowledge of the law that enables us to fight for it while the insurance company resists every step of the way, taking this case on is a job only fit for a personal injury lawyer.

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Don’t let this go unaddressed. The livestock owner needs to be held accountable and you need to be paid damages for your livestock injury. By letting it go, or trying to handle it yourself, you end up paying for someone else’s mistake, both physically and financially. Let us at least handle the financial part for you.

Contact Tolbert Beadle today and schedule your free initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Delaying action may limit your ability to collect damages. You won’t have to come up with money for your personal injury lawyer; you don’t pay us unless you win. We only collect our fees when the settlement works in your favor and the case is resolved.