No childhood blindness injury case should be decided by an insurance company. A personal injury lawyer can help.

What kind of medical expertise and evaluation will you require to prove the full extent of your child’s injury if he or she has lost some or all of their vision? A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate these issues to get the justice you deserve.

When a child is injured, you can count on Tolbert Beadle for aggressive legal pursuit of the full compensation allowed under the law. Child injuries are extremely distressing and can cause additional stress and worry to the family unit. Don’t let an insurance company determine what happens next. Call Tolbert Beadle right away to speak to a personal injury lawyer.

Many accidents that result in blindness for children occur in a recreational setting, such as a paintball or batting cage facility. These injuries are often a result of proper safety measures are not adequately observed or enforced.

The severity of an accident that causes blindness can vary from a high-impact collision that shatters a vehicle’s windshield to small and otherwise non-dangerous object becoming airborne due to improper equipment maintenance. A personal injury lawyer will be able to determine these factors of your case and help you win.


An experienced, aggressive personal injury lawyer for loss of vision accidents.

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