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Defending Your Rights After A Property Injury

When a business owner fails to mark or remove a hazard, you may find yourself the victim of a defective property injury. All of a sudden, you find yourself in charge of proving to the insurance company that the business knew about the hazard and didn’t take steps to correct it. How are you supposed to recover when all you can do is worry about your claim?

After you’ve suffered from a property injury, your main focus should be on getting better. At Tolbert Beadle, our premises liability attorneys aim to get you back on your feet while perfecting our strategy to win your case and get your proper compensation.

With offices in Springfield and Jefferson City, the attorneys at Tolbert Beadle represent clients throughout Missouri and Arkansas. 

In 2014, nearly 32,000 people died in falls at home and at work.

National Safety Council, 2015

Factors That Cause Property Injuries

Unmarked wet or slippery areas
Unsafe working conditions
Trips, slips and falls

Intentional avoidance of repairs
Hazardous walking areas

A lack of traction
No or low light

What Constitutes A Property Injury?

Property injuries simply mean that you were injured on someone else’s property. It may belong to a private citizen, government or a business owner, but the result is still the same — if you were injured on their property due to their recklessness, you deserve compensation. Our premises liability lawyers can help you to recover from accidents that have occurred:

  • During a sporting event
  • On a private property
  • On a playground
  • In a swimming pool
  • During a conference or company gathering

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