Law firm helps those suffering from psychological injuryPhysical injuries are not the only type of injury that can make it difficult to resume a normal life. Although they are not visible based on outward appearance, psychological injuries caused by negligence can have severe negative effects. The law firm of Tolbert Beadle has years of experience fighting for the right to compensation for those suffering from psychological injuries.

Common Types of Psychological Injury

No two people respond to a situation in the same way. What seemed insignificant to one person may have caused psychological injury to another, resulting in a struggle to lead a normal life. The two groups who are most affected by psychological injury are children and the elderly.

Children who experience psychological injury often exhibit signs of emotional distress, anxiety, and other psychological symptoms. Even if the child was not physically or emotionally abused does not mean they are not suffering from a psychological injury. If a child was a witness or involved in an accident in which a close family member was injured or killed and exhibits symptoms, they may be a victim of a psychological injury. An experienced law firm can work with the insurance companies to make sure the child receives the compensation needed to get help and support to recover from the injuries.

On the other end of the patient spectrum, the elderly—especially those who live in nursing homes—are another common group who experience psychological injury. Many of the elderly who are mistreated in nursing homes experience feelings of isolation and helplessness. Those who are supposed to care for them are often the cause of the psychological injury. The age of the psychologically injured often leaves them unable to defend themselves and prevent more injury from occurring. While loved ones can intervene, a law firm dealing with psychological injury can make sure the company is held liable for the actions that caused the injuries to the victim.

Choose a Law Firm that will Fight for Those Who Cannot

Although not every person suffering from a psychological injury is a child or a person living in a nursing home, they need someone who will fight to ensure that they are taken care of. The law firm of Tolbert Beadle will work for you and your loved ones to get the compensation the victims of psychological abuse deserve. The first consultation with the law firm is free, and you don’t pay unless you win your case. Let our lawyers fight to get your life back to normal. Contact our law firm today.