A 49-year-old career truck driver was seriously injured when a driver for a Canadian trucking company drove into the rear of his semi on I-44 in Oklahoma during an over-extended trip from Canada to California. The client was off duty in the sleeper berth while his co-driver operated the truck. When the fully loaded Paquin truck and trailer struck from the rear, the force of the collision threw the client into the windshield, causing him to sustain a severe injury to his brain and cranial nerves as well as multiple orthopedic injuries.

The client filed suit in federal court in Oklahoma to obtain jurisdiction over the foreign corporation. The lawsuit involved many complex legal issues, including suits against foreign entities and international law, electronic discovery issues in a trucking case, and wrongful destruction or spoliation of evidence. In addition to money damages recovered from the negligent trucking company, C.E.C. brought an action to recover workers’ compensation benefits against his employer.


Confidential Settlement

C.E.C v. Livraison Rapide Paquin, Inc., et al. | Federal District Court, Western District of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

$93,500.00 Settlement for Disability Benefits in Workers Compensation Claim


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