D.J.B., a 42-year-old registered nurse who was visiting the Springfield-Branson area with her husband, decided to stay at a local hotel that was close to the Bass Pro Shop. The next morning, as she pulled the iron and ironing board from the closet, a hypodermic syringe fell out of the ironing board and stuck in her foot. Later testing found the syringe to contain illicit drugs. D.J.B. later contracted hepatitis C, an incurable form of the disease, thus ending her nursing career.

The defendant later accused the client of using drugs in an attempt to avoid responsibility. When that failed, the defendant also alleged that she had contracted the disease through her work as an R.N. D.J.B. brought a negligence lawsuit against the hotel owners and against the national franchise it was affiliated with, alleging that the hotel cleaning staff was not able to clean the rooms properly because of pressure from the management to complete the cleaning of rooms more quickly. The staff was forced to ignore well-known and established standards for hotel safety. Had the hotel followed customary standards, the syringe would have been discovered and removed from the premises.


Confidential Settlement

Circuit Court of Greene County, Springfield, MO

D.J.B. v. T.L.I., et al.


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