W.B.K., a passenger in a recreational vehicle, was severely injured when the R.V. struck the back of a slow-moving MoDot truck, which was the tailing truck of a paint-striping operation. The accident occurred after the driver of a Schneider tractor-trailer passed the R.V. at a high rate of speed, then cut off the R.V. The driver of the R.V. was then blocked from seeing the slow-moving MoDot truck ahead. At the last possible moment, the Schneider truck driver negligently jerked his wheel and changed lanes, leaving the vulnerable R.V. no time to avoid striking the MoDot truck.

The R.V. rolled over as it left the highway. W.B.K. sustained injuries. After a six-month hospital stay, she died as a result of her injuries. Her survivors reached confidential settlements with Schneider and the driver of the R.V. They later brought suit for negligence against MoDot when it was learned that it had violated its own internal safety policies by placing the slow-moving truck with a directional arrow in the lane of travel instead of placing it on the shoulder where it would be more visible and safer to oncoming traffic.


Confidential Settlement with two Defendants

Circuit Court of Jackson County at Kansas City, MO

In re the heirs-at-law of W.B.K v. Schneider Trucking, Missouri Highway Comm. (MoDot), et al.

$695,000.00 Judgment As to Remaining Defendants


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