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Have you ever been taking a nice, relaxing shower and all of the sudden, your water becomes extremely hot to the point of almost burning you? Maybe you even received severe burns from this incident. You are not alone. Many people have experienced a scalding water accident like this. Because a hot water malfunction may occur suddenly, users may have no reason to suspect they are at risk of injury. At Tolbert Beadle we have an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you discover your legal actions when you have been burned by water.

What is scalding water?

Scalding water can result in severe second-degree burns to your skin. Although second-degree burns are common with scalding water, if you come into contact with the extremely hot water long enough, it can lead to a more severe third degree burn.

How hot is too hot?

If you are wondering how hot water has to be in order to be considered scalding, it depends on the length of time the water is exposed to your skin.

  • 6 seconds of skin exposure = 140 degree water temperature
  • 30 seconds of skin exposure = 130 degree water temperature
  • 5 minutes of skin exposure = 120 degree water temperature

Common Scalding Water Incidents

Larger institutions or multi-unit dwellings such as hotels or apartment buildings may rely on domestic hot water systems capable of millions of BTUs of heat. If these systems are not properly configured and maintained, they may deliver scalding water directly from the tap.

A child who is not expected to exercise the same degree of judgment as an adult may not recognize the warning signs of scalding water coming from a sink or bath tub tap. A scalding water injury can happen anywhere – but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

Other more common instances include:

  • Spilling boiling water while cooking
  • Spilling a hot drink such as coffee or tea
  • Spilling hot foods such as soup
  • Not using care while obtaining hot liquids from a microwave

What to Do When You Have a Scalding Water Accident

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Fight Back With a Personal Injury Lawyer

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