When you have a Missouri workers’ comp case, you need an aggressive workers’ comp lawyer to protect your rights.

Do you need to make a workers’ comp claim or appeal a claim that has been denied? An experienced, tough-negotiating workers’ comp lawyer with Tolbert Beadle gives you additional needed knowledge and resources to successfully win your case.

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Getting the right guidance so that you protect your workers compensation benefits and avoid early termination of benefits can mean a great deal to those who depend on your income.

For instance, Missouri has a second injury fund specifically for those who experience a workplace injury that complicates or aggravates a pre-existing injury. Our aggressive workers’ comp lawyers will make sure every avenue is pursued to get you your money.

You may be entitled to receive full or partial pay, or payments for permanent or temporary disability through the Social Security Disability insurance program. Contact Tolbert Beadle today to learn about the full details and specifics of your case.

How we help clients pursue Missouri workers’ compensation claims.

We can help injured residents with their Missouri workers’ compensation claim, especially if the initial claim was denied. Don’t give up. Just call the Tolbert Beadle law firm right away to see that you don’t miss any opportunity to appeal.

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