The Importance of Hiring a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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When you end up injured or ill and your job is the cause, it can be a scary thing. Filing a workers’ compensation claim and dealing with the complexities of those processes can be overwhelming. This stress is often in addition to the stress you’re already experiencing because of your injury, inability to work, and potentially, fear of being retaliated against by your employer.

An experienced workers comp lawyer can determine the best plan of action for your individual situation.

What does a workers’ compensation lawyer do?

In short, workers’ compensation attorneys are your advocate.

They will put your needs first and help their clients recover losses for injuries and illness sustained on the job. This could mean seeking reimbursement of wages, a reduction of medical bills or temporary disability checks. A workers’ compensation lawyer will fight to make sure you receive full compensation for your injuries.

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When would I need to talk to a lawyer?

There are a variety of times where you may find contacting a lawyer in your best interest. These can include when:

Your employer denies your claim
If your employer denies responsibility to avoid having to pay out, it’s often because they don’t want the hassle or raised premiums. Because of this, they’ll attempt to intimidate you and hope that you don’t pursue the issue further.

You don’t receive your compensation promptly
If your medical bills haven’t been paid, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you hold your employer or the insurance company accountable.

Your compensation is not enough to cover all of your expenses
When you file a workers’ compensation claim, you should receive compensation for your medical bills as well as reimbursement for the work you missed because of your injury or illness. If neither of these standards are met, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you pursue additional compensation.

Your employer retaliates for your claim
If you are fired, demoted, discriminated against, or have your hours or pay cut because of your claim, you should immediately hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. Workers who have been injured on the job should never fear retaliation for seeking the compensation they deserve.

So do I really need a workers’ compensation lawyer?

If you have any of the above issues or if you just want someone to help walk you through the process, a workers’ compensation lawyer can really help.

Having an advocate you can rely on can make the process easier, move faster, and alleviate stress that may come from trying to go through this process on your own.

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