A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Explains A Passenger’s Legal Rights

When people think of motorcycle owners, they typically think of the stereotypical, chopper-riding man, mom-tattoo and all. However, we tend to forget that a motorcycle is designed for transportation just like any other vehicle, and as such, motorcycle owners often have passengers. Whether that be a family member or a friend, owners and passengers must be aware of the legal ramifications of a motorcycle accident when there is a passenger onboard. In today’s blog post, Tolbert Beadle, LLC will tackle this complicated issue.

How Does Motorcycle Accident Insurance Work?

While you might think that motorcycle accident insurance would be different than regular car insurance, it actually isn’t that much different on the surface. The same rules for vehicle, bodily and liability coverage still apply, up and to the limit that your policy outlines. However, as you customize your policy, it looks a bit different.

For instance, you can customize your policy to cover damage or loss to your motorcycle equipment and gear, including things such as trailers and sidecars. You also have to consider the differences between cars and motorcycles, as motorcycle accident insurance will cover those unique parts as opposed to car insurance. Outside of those things, motorcycle insurance looks very similar to car insurance.

What Rights Do Passengers Have?

This is where this issue gets a bit more complicated. The first thing we must address is safety. While passengers have the rights of any passenger, there are safeguards that motorcyclists must take in preventing or lessening the harm of motorcycle accidents that most drivers don’t have to take. A few of those things include wearing a helmet and proper biking gear as a passenger and being a riding defensively as a driver.

As for a passenger in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial for you to understand your rights and what goes into your rights. For a passenger that does not have insurance and is injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have to file a motorcycle injury claim. The misconception in these circumstances is that the passenger has to sue the driver, who in most cases is a friend or a loved one. However, this is not true. The claim isn’t filed against the driver, but with the insurance company. So while your friend or relative’s premium may go up as a result of the claim, it was likely to go up either way, since they were in a wreck.

Let Tolbert Beadle, LLC Help

Anybody who gets on a motorcycle knows that they are in more danger than if they were to get into a car. That doesn’t make motorcycles bad, but it does mean that you must be more readily knowledgeable about your rights, just in case you are involved in a wreck, especially as a passenger. At Tolbert Beadle, LLC, we specialize in motorcycle accidents and want to help you. Contact us today, toll-free, at 1 (800) 887-4030 or visit our website for more information.