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Get Justice After Your Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can seem straightforward enough. They hit you or you hit them, right? In reality, there may be thousands more factors at play.

We understand that motorcycle accidents can be complex, and we will fight for your rights after a crash. Motorcyclists are more likely to become injured in a crash than a car, meaning that even a minor accident can cause severe injuries. Don’t let the insurance companies push you around when you’re already suffering. Let us help.

With offices in Springfield, Jefferson City, and Columbia, our attorneys have represented clients throughout Missouri and Arkansas who have been injured in a motorcycle accident. 

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Factors That Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Driving while under the influence

Lane splitting
Failure of drivers to pay attention

Lack of experience driving motorcycle
Wet or slick roads

Investigation Process

While motorcycles do carry extra risk by driving them, that does not mean that you deserve to be victim of an accident. We will advocate for you when the insurance company won’t, investigating the most important details of your case, including:

  • Signs of a traumatic brain injury
  • The crash site
  • History of the driver
  • Police reports
  • Medical examiner’s reports

Client Testimonial

  • Very friendly staff! I would recommend to my family and friends.
    Becca N.

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