A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer’s Tips on Staying Safe in Parking Lots

Parking lots can be a very frustrating place for drivers and shoppers alike, as many of you recently experienced with your Christmas shopping ventures. Pedestrians often don’t look before crossing to their stores, while drivers are often in a hurry and drive to fast. When you combine these facts, you have all the ingredients for a pedestrian accident. Tolbert Beadle’s pedestrian accident lawyer wants to spend some time today talking about how pedestrians can stay safe in parking lots and how drivers can avoid costly liability claims with safer driving techniques.

Why Parking Lots Produce A Unique Danger

Parking lots don’t seem dangerous, but there are a lot more variable to a parking lot than with many other places. This is due to a large number of potentially liable parties, including drivers, pedestrians, and businesses. Parking lots, when busy, are also very chaotic and present potentially messy situations.

The most obvious danger is the potential for a driver to hit a pedestrian. This danger is especially relevant in today’s culture, with drivers being presented with more in-car distractions than ever before. We all know what the diagonal lines that bolt across the parking lot mean, giving pedestrians the right of way, and we also know how they are often taken advantage of, with pedestrians often bolting out without looking. These two things are the perfect storm for an accident and the need for a pedestrian accident lawyer.

How Can You Avoid A Parking Lot Accident?

This is a two-part question because you could be asking from the perspective of a driver or a pedestrian. For drivers, the best way to avoid any accident, not just a parking lot accident, is to not be distracted. This is especially true in parking lots because people tend to lose their focus once they get to their destination even though they are still driving. Phones begin to come out and wallets start being shuffled through once people get into their parking lot, which presents a distraction.

For pedestrians, the best way to avoid accidents and in the long run, a pedestrian accident lawyer, is to not take for granted that drivers are paying attention to those diagonal lines. Although you may have the right of way and, in turn, the legal justification in a post-accident scenario, drivers still may not see you. Check both ways before crossing the street, regardless of if there are lines or not.

Tolbert Beadle Can Provide Your Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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