A pedestrian accident can’t take away your rights: We’ll fight for them

Can a driver get away with treating pedestrians as though they never have the right of way?

Tolbert Beadle is ready to serve Missouri auto accident victims with an aggressive pedestrian accident lawyer. We have extensive experience and have helped victims recover millions in settlements. Before more time goes by and before the insurance company makes an offer less than you deserve, contact our experienced attorneys.

If you were struck by a motor vehicle while within the pedestrian right of way, the driver is almost certainly liable for the injury you have sustained. There may be additional factors contributing to the accident such as lighting on the street or in the parking lot. In such cases, more than one party may be liable.

A pedestrian accident in which an injury to a child occurs can be more complicated. A child, who might sustain a dart-out injury, is not expected to have the same level of judgment as an adult.

Such cases call for close examination of the driver’s behavior:

  • Did he/she observe speed limits?
  • Did he/she observe crosswalks?
  • Did he/she recognize conditions that impact ability to turn or stop?
  • Did he/she use turn indicators and lights appropriately?

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