Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer: What Should I Do in the Event of a Dog Bite Accident?


A personal injury lawyer provides tips on how to handle dog bite situations.

Being involved in a dog bite accident is a terrible thing and we hope you never have to experience it. But if you or someone you know is attacked by an aggressive dog, it’s very important that you know how to best handle the situation. The personal injury lawyers at Tolbert Beadle understand the importance of being prepared for a situation like this and in this blog, we’ll provide you with realistic tips on what to do.

Get Medical Help Immediately.

Any personal injury lawyer is well aware that dog bite accidents can occur in a variety of locations. It can happen while you’re walking down the street, at the dog park, or even in your own front yard. You should always be wary of any dog on the street and ask permission before reaching out to pet someone else’s dog. If you or someone you are with is bitten or attacked by an aggressive dog, the very first thing you should do is request medical help. If the dog is sick with rabies or hasn’t had all of its shots, the victim could easily be infected and should be treated immediately. If the injury is serious and requires immediate attention, call 911 right away and inform the operator of the situation. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, cover the wound with a clean cloth or towel and apply pressure to stop any bleeding. Keep the injured area elevated.

Call the Police or Local Animal Control.

You will want to file a report with your local police station or animal control company, especially if someone is seriously injured. A personal injury lawyer will use that report as a reference to build an effective case. If you are the victim, try to remain calm while accurately describing what happened. Being bitten by a dog can be a very scary thing, but just try to breathe, remain as calm as you can and remember that your firsthand account of the events is very important.

Get the Dog Owner’s Information

If you’re the victim of a dog attack, your personal injury lawyer will need information about the animal, as well as the owner, in order to file a suit. It is very important that you request a name, phone number and address of the dog owner, as well as the animal’s medical history. This includes shot records from the dog’s veterinarian, any history of previous aggression and any other historical information about the dog that is available. If you were with a friend during the attack or noticed anyone else nearby watching, ask that person to stick around as a witness and make a truthful statement to the police about what happened.

Get a Picture of the Location of the Attack

If you can do so without putting yourself at further risk for attack, try to get a picture of the location of the attack as well as the dog itself. This will help your personal injury build and solidify your case.
A personal injury lawyer from Tolbert Beadle can help you win your case in the event of a dog bite. Remember, you won’t pay a thing unless you win, so contact our law firm today for help.