Law Firm Basics: Factors That Lead to Recreational Injuries

Know what to expect and what to avoid with these law firm basics on recreation injuries.

The summer months offer many fun-filled family activities. Unfortunately, some of those activities can have potentially dangerous hazards associated with them. If you are planning to host some sort of summer event, it might be beneficial to know some of the factors that might lead to a recreational injury. Knowing these factors will only increase awareness and help prevent instances that can put a damper on your summer fun.

Consuming alcohol while out on the lake.

Consuming alcohol while spending the day boating on a busy lake is asking for trouble. Even if you are operating the boat safely and sober (as you should be – it is punishable by law to operate a boat under the influence), your passengers, who might have consumed too much, are still at risk. All too often, passengers consume too much alcohol while enjoying a nice day on the lake and make the potentially dangerous mistake of standing up while the boat is moving. If you plan to spend the day boating, it is best to do so alcohol-free to avoid having to hire a law firm to protect you in the event of an accident.

Show-offs usually end up in a courtroom showdown.

So you bought a new ATV or speed boat that you really want to show off to your friends? Well, unless you’ve already hired a reputable law firm, showing off is not advisable. Every year, folks are injured – sometimes even killed – in boating, ATV, snowmobile, and hunting accidents for reasons that are 100% avoidable. Those injuries often stemmed from driving too fast without a helmet, traversing busy and rough waters at dangerous speeds, and showing off. Showing off is likely to land you in a courtroom, defending yourself from jail/prison time, hefty fines, and from losing your most prized and valued assets. It is okay to have fun, but safe fun is good fun.

Inexperience is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Law firms across the country deal with recreational injury lawsuits that stem directly from inexperience. Operating a boat, ATV or snowmobile without any prior experience or instruction is asking for trouble. Just like with any vehicle, there is some amount of experience and/or instruction required to operate the vehicle safely and effectively. Allowing an inexperienced person to operate a boat, ATV or snowmobile is an irresponsible and unnecessary risk, especially if there are other passengers or bystanders that could be put in danger.

The driver/operator is not always liable for injuries, especially if it happens to be your vehicle, your property, or your event. Take the initiative to practice safe fun and avoid having to hire a law like firm to protect you.