Our Slip and Fall Attorney Talks About Age Factors

Slip and fall accidents are more common than people would like to think. And while slip and fall accidents are most common with seniors, they also happen to younger people. The question then becomes whether or not age impacts liability in a slip and fall accident and if so, should it? A slip and fall attorney at Tolbert Beadle wants to take a few minutes today to look at slip and fall accidents and whether or not age is a factor.

What Constitutes A Slip and Fall Accident?

While this may seem fairly cut and dry, there is more that goes into determining liability that just the simple act of slipping and falling. Proving fault is the key for any slip and fall attorney when it comes to liability. And when it comes to this type of accident specifically, it is very difficult to do so.

The most clear-cut example of liability in a slip and fall accident is when the condition that facilitated the slip and fall was created by the owner or possessor of the property. After that, it gets muddy. If the owner or possessor knew that the condition existed but failed to fix it or have somebody fix it, they are liable.

Lastly, if the owner or possessor should have known that the condition existed buy neglected to discover the condition for some time, they can be found liable.

Does Age Have An Impact?

Age doesn’t have a direct impact, but it may have an indirect one. For example, a younger person who suffers an injury as a result of a slip and fall is less likely to actually pursue liability. This is because a younger person who has a slip and fall accident is less likely to experience a catastrophic injury than a senior would be.

You also have to factor in that younger people may be less likely to pursue medical attention as a result of their injury because it is less severe than that of a senior and, therefore, would not occur any medical expenses to be reimbursed.

As far as a direct impact, age won’t directly impact whether or not your slip and fall claim is valid, but it may affect how your claim is treated. Most claims are settled rather than taken to trial, so the monetary value of those settlements may be different for a young 20-something making a $30,000 per year and a 45-year old making $90,000 a year with a wife and kids at home.

This is getting dangerously close to a workers comp post, but damages are determined by the impact on that specific person. The damage that a non-catastrophic slip and fall injury has on a young person is likely going to be lesser than that of a middle-aged or senior person, which a slip and fall attorney will consider.

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