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Seeking Justice For Your Slip & Fall Accident

Whether we are going to work or to another business, we expect that it will be safe and that nothing bad will happen. No one expects to be the victim of an unsafe property. Slips and falls, however, take you by surprise at any time or any place, potentially changing the course of your life.

Slips and falls are complicated accidents that require the detailed attention of a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies will be looking out for the best interests of the property owner or person who caused the slip and fall, not you. Our slip and fall lawyers want to help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Slips and falls are the leading cause of lost days at work and occupational injury for people 55 and older.

National Floor Safety Institute

Factors That Cause Slip & Fall Accidents

Highly polished floors
Uneven surfaces

Uncovered wires or extension cords
Stairs and steps
Ice and snow

Low or no light in the area
Holes or potholes

Investigating Your Accident

Slips and falls often require a detailed investigation, as the insurance company will likely dispute how it occurred or that it caused enough damage to be worthy of compensation. Our slip and fall lawyers will check:

  • The scene of the accident
  • Any physical evidence
  • Medical reports
  • Witnesses at the scene
  • The source of the slip and fall
  • The condition of the building

Client Testimonial

  • Terry Tolbert was candid about my case from the beginning. He worked hard and the outcome was within the expectations when he took the case on. He is kind and compassionate and caring. Highly recommended.
    Jo G.

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