Protect Yourself from an Injury with Our 4 Summer Safety Tips

Summer has finally arrived, and we’re all ready to spend days out by the pool relaxing with our friends and family. Though summer is a time of rest and relaxation for many, it’s also a time of year when accidents become more prevalent. Whether it’s the risk of going into a pool, summer driving or wild animals, it’s important to be aware of all potential threats to avoid becoming victim to an injury. 

Wondering what you need to do to stay safe this summer? Check out our tips: 

Pay heed to pool safety

Pools are one of the most common summer destination spots, but they’re also one of the most dangerous. Between potential drownings and slips and falls, thousands are injured by pools each year. This is especially true for children, as drowning is the second leading cause of accidental injury death in children ages 1-14. Not to mention, for each drowning death, there are four non-fatal drowning-related injuries that require hospitalization. Drowning can impact all ages, especially in situations where alcohol is involved like during a barbecue or house party. Anyone swimming should be monitored at all times, and you should never get into a body of water if you have been consuming alcohol. 

It is the responsibility of a pool owner to alert their guests of dangers that could potentially harm you. This includes preventing children from accessing the pool and providing emergency safety equipment if the pool is open to the public. If a public pool fails to provide lifeguards or other adequate supervision, they can be held liable for any injuries that occur. 

Be wary of animals

During the summer, wild animals come out of hiding and start seeking shelter from the heat. When you open up your doors and windows to get some of the fresh summer air, critters see this as an opportunity to make their way into your home. Animals like skunks, possums, raccoons, feral cats, squirrels and badgers can find their way into your garage or home, potentially biting you or another member of your family. Wild animals can carry rabies, hantavirus and other dangerous diseases that can make you extremely sick, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of animals in your home. 

If you plan on opening your doors or windows to let air in, make sure to leave a screen in front of the door or window. Never leave a door open without someone watching, and do not leave any garage doors open overnight. If you suspect that an animal has made its way into your home, contact a pest control professional immediately to remove the animal in question. 

Drive with care

Summer is the deadliest time of year to be on the road, especially in the period after Memorial Day until Labor Day. If you’re planning on being on the road during this time, you should be especially careful and pay special attention to the other cars on the road. Follow all of the rules of the road and ensure that your passengers are always buckled up. 

That being said, even if you’re driving safely, other drivers can still harm you through their poor driving choices. Whether the other driver was intoxicated, texting or simply not paying attention to the road, you should immediately contact the authorities if you have been injured in an accident. From there, you can begin to pursue legal action and begin to recover.

Watch for slippery spots

In the winter, we know better than to run or drive fast because there may be ice out. When it’s hot outside, we’re less likely to think about potential threats like slippery spots from a pool or falling over our footwear. When you’re out, check for people watering their lawns or washing their cars, as this may cause you to slip too. Pay attention while walking and driving and try to notice any slick spots before you go too fast. 

If you do slip on someone else’s property, they may be responsible for your fall. If you have been injured, check with a personal injury attorney to see if they can assist you.

Have you or a loved one experienced an injury this summer at the fault of another?

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