Slip and Fall Attorney: Theme Park Injuries

As spring is in full swing and summer is on the way, families will begin heading out to their nearest theme park in droves for some warm weather family fun. There are few activities that are more fun for families with kids than visiting a theme park. However, theme parks come with a lot of people and a lot of activity in a congested environment.

That kind of environment makes a slip and fall more likely, but are there cases when a slip and fall injury at a theme park is the fault of the theme park? The slip and fall attorneys at Tolbert Beadle thinks so. In today’s blog, our slip and fall attorney takes a look at the liability of theme parks in slip and fall injuries.

Where Did The Injury Take Place?

All theme parks are different. While many are built on a mostly flat piece of land, others are built in more wooded, hilly areas. If you have lived in Springfield for a significant amount of time, you have most likely endured the hills of Silver Dollar City in Branson. Theme parks are also different in the number of attractions and types of attractions. If you have been injured at a theme park, the location will be important.

If it was on a ride where a ledge was not properly identified or from a wet spot that wasn’t properly cleaned up, the park might be liable, and you will need a slip and fall attorney. However, if you trip over a ledge getting on a ride and that ledge is marked and the proper protocol is followed by park staff, they most likely aren’t liable.

Were The Proper Precautions Given?

Theme parks understand that there are potential liability issues everywhere. That is why they are extra cautious when it comes to rides and attractions. It is when they don’t make those precautions evident that they can get into trouble. This is often seen in areas near a water ride or attraction.

On the ride itself and in the line, there will often be signage that lets you know the ground is wet. But what about outside the ride and in areas where it might not be obvious that there is a water attraction nearby? There still need to be precautions given and if there weren’t in the case of your injury, you might want to call our slip and fall attorney.

Call Our Slip and Fall Attorney Today

Assigning liability for slip and fall accidents is often difficult, and at a theme park, it is even more so. However, if you were injured and you believe that it was due to negligence, give our slip and fall attorneys a call today and we will investigate on your behalf to see if you are due compensation.

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