Slip and Fall Attorney: What About When I Slip Inside on a Snowy Day?

Slip and fall injuries are among the most common injuries, not just to seniors, but to the general public. Typical as winter comes, we think that walking outside is what causes most slip and fall injuries. And while that is true, we also see slip and fall attorneys needed for more unique cases. One of the more common non-outdoor slip and fall injuries is when snow gets tracked inside of a building and melts, causing the floor to be slippery.

As a victim of this type of fall, is the building liable for your injuries? Or as a business, how can you avoid this type of incident? In today’s Tolbert Beadle, LLC blog post our slip and fall attorney will talk about all of these circumstances, as well as their ramifications.

Where And How Did The Slip Occur?

One of the more important factors in determining liability for a slip and fall accident is where the slip actually occurred. This is even more so true for an indoor slip and fall case because businesses are expected to make more accommodations inside their own building. Most falls like this would happen in a doorway, as people walk inside with snow on their shoes and kick the snow off, which then melts.

Most businesses should have a rug in the doorway, but if they don’t, that melted snow can be a real hazard for people walking inside, especially if it is a wood or vinyl surface. The other factor to consider is how the actual slip occurred, which will typically be the first question asked by a slip and fall attorney in the event of a fall. If it is, in fact, a fall that was caused by a snow, there is a decent chance that the business could be deemed negligent.

How Can I Avoid This?

As a walker, the best way to avoid a slip and fall in winter conditions is to be cautious when you get inside, as well as when you are outside. Don’t assume that your footing will be perfect just because you aren’t walking on snow or ice anymore. As a business, take the proper precautions for winter weather. Heave plenty of rugs and mop your floors when needed.

Another easy way to avoid this problem is to keep your parking lot in the best condition possible, which means shoveling snow off of your walkways, plowing your parking lot, and putting salt down on your sidewalks and entryways.

Tolbert Beadle, LLC Wants To Be Your Slip And Fall Attorney

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